Remember when you were young, how reindeer could fly and tiny elves made shiny toys in a far away snow-covered workshop? Remember spending Christmas Eve night startling at any sound that could be a sleigh bell up on the rooftop?

Bring the magic of the holidays into the comfort and convenience of your own home through a personal video chat with Santa at his home in the North Pole!

  • Children will marvel when Santa already knows their family members’ names, pets’ names, and favorite things!   
  • Chats with Santa do not focus solely on toys. Santa loves to listen to as well as to tell stories. He also gives encouragement in areas of challenge, e.g., school, sports, behavior

Skype chats are just $20 and can be up to 10 minutes in length. Paypal and all major credit cards accepted. 

If you are ready to book a date and time or you have questions/need more info, call 619.414.7348 or send an email to Elves in the North Pole are standing by!

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